A note of gratitude

It’s been two years now since Johnathan McGinty and I first collaborated to launch Beyond the Trestle and 18 months since we formally formed the Trestle Collective. I’m happy to report we finally have business cards.

Most everything people who have started businesses told me about starting a business has proven true. They told me of the long hours, the bookkeeping, the lying in bed at night wondering what is going to happen next. That all checks out.

But then there is the other truth to the matter: It’s worth it. It’s rewarding. And it’s left me feeling grateful for our journey together. 

Grateful for Johnathan McGinty for choosing to take this ride. Grateful for everyone who has worked with us this year: Robin Hubier, Ashley Sheppard, Lindsey Ranayhossaini, Buck Sharp, Kristin Couch, Claire Jordan, Mary Seid, Hannah Groseclose, Lila Mitchell, Bailey Edwards, Megan Peta, Macy Degnan, Sara Soto, Tom Wilson, Thomas Ehlers, Katie Neal and Caroline Windham. They all took a chance with us, and I can’t thank them enough for their effort and their patience. 

The same goes for our clients. To everyone who’s decided we can help their efforts, I can’t thank you enough for giving us a shot. It’s been our pleasure. 

If our journey was an album, it could be Bryan Adams’ anthology: So far, so good

And I believe there is even better to come. I’m excited to see our Collective growing with talented people who do special work. Our capabilities have grown immensely over the past 18 months, and I wake up most mornings in awe that I get to work with these folks. 

So, as I embark on my third work retreat and goal-setting expedition in July, I am again reminded we must continue to live into our values of playing well with others, staying flexible, agile and curious, and following our desire to do good work with good people. Don’t worry – we’re not going to take ourselves too seriously. 

After all, it’s our clients who are doing all the big, important things. We just get to tell their stories.

And, for that, I am grateful. 

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