thinkTANK — Much to be thankful for

For last week’s Thanksgiving holiday, I traveled over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house … a 10-minute drive across town.

Family from across the state gathered for the tradition of a Thanksgiving spread, a morning of Black Friday shopping, college football rivalry weekend and Sunday morning service to cap off the festivities.

It’s one of two weekends (Christmas at the same location being the other) that I look forward to most of the year.

Not because of the guys’ Home Depot to Academy Sports + Outdoors to Chick-fil-A routine on Nov. 25. Or because of the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game, which divides the family for about three hours on the 26th (although the Bulldog faction has been much happier as of late). 

It’s being with good people.

I’ve been blessed with a great family, a group of relatives that care and like to have a good time. It definitely shows in the (redneck) croquet and Balderdash games that take place.

It really is the people in your life who make the most difference. Going on three months with Trestle Collective, I’ve gotten the chance to meet plenty of good folks. 

Reporters and PR professionals who don’t mind to chat. Clients who’ll talk sports after business. Interviewees who like to tell their fun or interesting stories about what they’ve experienced. 

And bosses who care about growth and how you’re doing. They’re pretty great to work for.

That’s part of the culture at the Collective: good people working with good people. It’s the best way to work.

The holiday season is upon us, and shortly we’ll make the short trip back to my grandparents for more good food, cider and a bonfire.

I’m more than ready for 15 people to be together again.

I’m thankful for the people in my life, who are all good people. 

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