Our Values

We play well with others.
We recognize our work is better when we work together. We want to plug into your team and help you accomplish your goals.


We desire to work with good people.
Culture matters — yours and ours.


We stay flexible, agile and curious.
The most effective way to advance your brand or story is always changing. We know that what is winning today won’t win tomorrow. We’re always looking for the next great idea.


We believe process is important, but results matter more.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
We’re serious about advancing our clients, but we recognize we can have fun along the way.

About the Team

Joe VanHoose

Joe has been telling stories for 15 years, first as a journalist and then as a content writer and public relations specialist. He develops thought leadership campaigns and stories for blogs, newsletters and media and is an experienced brand messenger, media trainer and speechwriter. He also knows and wants to share every great lunch spot in Athens.

College: Jacksonville University

Favorite Athens Lunch Spot: The Last Resort

Almost Famous: I played Augusta National the day after the 2011 Masters. Shot a 91.

Preferred R.E.M. Anthem: Driver 8 (or most anything off Life’s Rich Pageant and Reckoning)


Johnathan McGinty

Johnathan’s been writing since he was in fifth grade, though he likes to believe his sentence structure has improved a bit since then. He’s a storyteller. He’s a strategist. He’s a project manager. And he’s not a bad cook either.

College: University of Georgia

Favorite Athens Lunch Spot: Taqueria del Sol

Almost Famous: I once opined about the price point of a fried egg sandwich during an episode of “The Great Food Truck Race.”

Preferred R.E.M. Anthem: Drive

Meet the Rest of the Team

There’s nothing complicated to our approach — find talented, good people to collaborate and create with. When you do that, everything else falls into place. Here’s a sampling of some of the super-smart folks we like to work with.

Hannah Groseclose

Hannah’s the owner of Hinge Creative, one of the best branding and design studios around. From visual brand building to layout and design, she and her team can do it all.

Ashley Sheppard

With 20-plus years of experience, Ashley specializes in strategy, from brand to creative to content. She has supported brands like Orkin, Westside Future Fund, Smith & Howard and Extra Special People. She may be the best writer here, and Olympic medalist Tom Daley is her hero.

Scott Hartman

Scott runs his own production business, and he’s an experienced videographer with a talented eye for telling your story on the screen. He’s also got a penchant for v-neck shirts. We think he can pull them off.

Kristin Couch

Kristin is a digital marketer specializing in SEO and social media strategy. She’s worked with both small businesses and national brand names helping convert views into customers.

Mary Seid

Mary has 15 years experience working in marketing and communications with expertise in establishing and growing client relationships, developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns and helping clients achieve their goals.

Thomas Ehlers

Thomas thought interning here this summer was a good idea. He’s an avid Georgia sports fan, a news junkie and storyteller, learning all he can about copywriting, PR and marketing. Watch for his stories on Beyond the Trestle.

Tom Wilson

Do you want to reach your customers online? Or maybe understand the data behind your websites’ analytics? Tom’s the man for the job.

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